Introduction and Six Sigma Tools (Intros)

Intros Description The Six Sigma is a continuous improvement system focused on the reduction of imperfections of all kind of processes, through the management of detours that cause them, by means of several analytic and statistics tools. In this way, low quality costs are reduced and customer’s satisfaction is increased. Objetives To obtain a general

Introduction and Lean Tools (Introl)

Introduction and Lean Tools (Introl) Description Lean is a system and improvement philosophy of the processes of production and services based upon the removal of waste and activities that add no value to the process, allowing to achieve inmediate results regarding productivity, competitivity and business profitability. Objetives Identify the most important Lean concepts. Obtain a

A3: Analysis Methodology and Problem Solving (A3MET)

A3: Analysis Methodology and Problem Solving (A3MET) Description A3: Analysis Methodology and Problem Solving (A3MET) is a tool to describe and analyze a problem and its causes. Decision making, planning and monitoring. It is based upon the PDCA cycle and it is structured on 7 steps. It is a practical course where participants will be