How does the Online Campus work?

Once enrolled in one of our courses, you will receive a username and password to log in to the Online Campus. There you can see the entire agenda of the course, divided into modules. Each module includes a topic, a case study, a delivery area for case studies and the online test. When you join a course you also get assigned a personal tutor, who is the person in charge of correcting your exams and case studies. In addition, you have access to a chat room where you can discuss the topic you're studying with other students.

How do I access the Online Campus?

Once enrolled and registered in one of our online courses we will email you a username and password where you can access our Online Campus.

Do I have to attend class?

No, all our courses are done online, which means you can study at your convenience within the 3 month term the course has for completion. We understand that most students are also working and that is why we try to accommodate times to everyone´s needs.

Who certifies me?

We provide an internationally recognized company certification. In addition, we are credited by theTobalina Consulting Group (TCG) as a supplier of excellence in training and accreditations in Lean and Lean Six Sigma with over 20 years of experience.

What is the difference between Lean and Lean Six Sigma?

Lean is a philosophy and system for the improvement of production processes and is based on the elimination of waste and activities that do not add value to a process or services, allowing for immediate results in productivity, competitiveness and profitability. Lean Six Sigma is the fusion of Lean and Six Sigma, two systems of continuous improvement and process optimization. They share several principles: focus on providing value for the client, waste disposal, use of specialized techniques of improvement and development of improvement groups, amongst others. Lean Six Sigma combines the advantages of both systems and eliminates its individual limitations.

Do you do In-Company training?

We offer the possibility of in-company training custom tailored to the needs of each company. If you are interested in a customized training, please contact us by mail to: and let us know what you require. We will design a specialized course based on the needs of your business.

How long are the courses?

We understand that most people who enroll in our courses are working, so you will have a 3 month period to complete the program. Except for the Master Black Belt, that is comprehended in a 9 month period, due to its length.

Can I start at any level?

The training for both Lean and Six Sigma is progressive, so in order to start at a superior program, like Black Belt, you must first be certified in the previous course or at least have the knowledge for it, in order to take full advantage of our program. This is why all students who want to enroll in a higher course must first take the exams for the previous one and pass with a score of 80 % or higher. If not, we study each particular case independently and offer the best options for you to start your training. These tests are done online and have no additional cost.

Is there any specific software used?

From Green Belt onwards Minitab is used. It is a general-purpose statistical software package designed for easy interactive use. This software comes at no additional charge.

How do I register?

You can reach us by phone at whichever office is closest to you or email us at and we will contact you to complete our registration form.

What payment methods are available?

Payment is made by bank transfer only.

When can I start the course?

Once the enrollment and registration are complete we will issue you with a username and password to log into our Online Campus. There you will have access to your agenda and can study at your convenience within the 3 month timeframe (9 months for the Master).

How do I get certified?

Once you complete all the exams and case studies within your course with an 80% passing grade, you are officially certified. We will send you your certification via courier to your address.

What languages are the courses available in?

They are available, for the time being, in Spanish and English.

Can I see a demo of the Campus and Courses before I enroll?

Before using the Online Campus you probably want you to see how it works. Checkout this link to find a detailed demo:


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