Lean Bronze

Lean Bronze Description

The Lean Bronze program allows its participants to achieve a comprehension in the development of processes through the Lean improvement system and its tools of fundamental application.
Lean is a system and improvement philosophy of the processes of production and services based upon the removal of waste and activities that add no value to the process, allowing to achieve immediate results regarding productivity, competitiveness and business profitability.
A Lean Bronze expert implements tools that take part in a continuous improvement project.
The Lean Bronze training provides you with a certificate when ending the course successfully.


To provide the participants with the necessary tools to develop a Lean Silver role y become a manager and a instill Lean projects that will achieve the optimization and cost reduction of the processes in different areas of a company.

Course Program

Module 1. Introduction and Lean tools.

  • Origin of Lean Management
  • Aplications
  • "Added Value" Concept - Value Chain
  • 7 types of waste: Muda, Mura y Muri
  • Concepts: OEE and OSE, Takt time, Lead time …
  • Lean Tools

Module 2. 5S and visual management.

  • Practical concepts
  • The 5 stages of 5S
  • 5S Methodology
  • Aplications
  • Visual Management of continuous improvement
  • Visual Panel

Module 3. A3: Analysis Methodology and Solving Problems

  • Introduction to Solving Problems techniques
  • A3 Methodology:
  • Origin
  • Methodology and Stages of Implementation
  • Advantages and Disadvantages
  • A3 Study Cases

Module 4. Lean Six Sigma in products/services with non-standard demand

  • Lean Six Sigma Basic Concepts
  • Aplications for products/services with non-standard demand
  • Case studies for different non-standard assumptions (on order, seasonal, custom, low capacity multireference, etc...)

Directed At

Managers, middle management, supervisors, technical staff and any other professionals willing to initiate, be part of and/or implement Lean projects.


To obtain our Lean Bronze certificate, it is mandatory to complete the course with, at least, a 80% score.


3 months
32 hours
London (+44) 2038 680 811
New York (+16) 465 129 940


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