Lean Six Sigma Green Belt



The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program allows participants to achieve a deeper comprehension of the understanding of processes through Lean and Six Sigma improvement systems and their tools of fundamental application.

Lean Six Sigma is the fusion of two systems of continous improvement and optimising processes: Lean and Six Sigma. They share several principles: focusing on providing value to the customer, waste removal, use of techniques and creation of improvement groups, among others. Lean Six Sigma combines the advantages of these two improvement systems and avoids the individual drawbacks.

A Lean Six Sigma Green Belt creates and eases activities in a Lean Six Sigma project. They are implementation experts that use Lean and Six Sigma tools for operations improvement. They are able to lead basic Lean Six Sigma projects and work as support and help Black Belts when implementing advanced Lean Six Sigma projects.

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training provides you with a certificate when ending the course succesfully.