The course has a wide content in concepts and in practice. Tests dig deeply in every level. The web access is very intuitive. The tutor has always been very helpful. The support was very efficient. Overall, i am very satisfied with this course which allowed me to use these techniques from the first moment."
I am very pleased with the tutor. The delivery of corrections was fast as well. I think it is a good program to use in everyday routines. (...) The DMAIC methodology is a very powerful tool that allows you to put order when a big problem comes up and you need to analyze it properly. (...) It has been an enriching experience, I have learnt details and ideas unknown to me and that I will use at work."
I have enjoyed a lot this course because despite having done several Lean Six Sigma exercises along my career, I never saw it from a theoretical point of view. In my opinion, the platform is pretty good. All the resolution of my doubts have been correct. It has definitely been a pleasure and I hope to keep using it as a support to my career.
Everything was clear and understandable. Far better than other trainings I have realized that were more theorical and confusing. Study cases are well thought and complement the theory. Sending the documentation on paper eased the duty as well. Regarding the tutor, his comments helped me to fully understand some questions regarding concepts as well as study cases. I specially liked the concretion on those comments without excessive complex theories."
I am personally very satisfied with this course, it has fully covered my expectations towards it. The content was extense, well explained and the study cases help to fully understand all these concepts. The tutors were great, they had very useful inputs and answered in short time. Regarding the exercises, there are really extense! I needed more time than what was initially provided to solve them."
About the course, I want to point out that the platform is very intuitive and the progress easy to follow. The content of the course was adequate according to my expectations and, in some cases, it even surpassed them. I for instance, did a YB course which provided me with sufficient knowledge of the Lean Six Sigma processes. I am willing to find time and get ready for GB level. About the tutor, I want to underline the sharpness of some of his comments in his corrections, as well as the comments that improved the use of the course. I highly recommend the LSS Nexus course. "
The course has been nice and dynamic between the lessons, exercises and tests, being these challenges a way to push yourself forward. Three months are enough time to not leave it behind due to other duties in the day by day.The tutor's feedback were really useful for helping in the resolution of the exercises. I used the printed documentation a lot because I always carried it with me when moving or travelling."
The course was very good, I enjoyed it a lot. When combining the practical part with the theoretical one all the concepts are better understood. This course provides you with an insight of what Lean Six Sigma is, and I am willing to continue my training with the Green Belt course.
The tutor has helped me to understand the topics and has efficiently and quickly resolved any doubts I had throughout the course. I truly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn about Lean Six Sigma."
I think that the course is well thought out and structured. I have enjoyed studying, doing the exercises and the exams. The support has been good and fast all the time.
Communication with the tutor has been fluid and allowed me to check and improve the work delivered."